Rolling Stone Declares the 25 Best Bands on MySpace


12/22/06, 12:13 pm EST

MySpace, Rolling Stone, Best Bands on MySpace

We thought it was high time someone made the definitive list of MySpace bands. So we asked for your help: And you guys nominated over 1,700 bands. We nearly lost our minds listening to all the tunes, but today we’re proud to announce the top 25. Winners come from a variety of genres: You’ve got your German industrial metal (B.O.S.C.H.), your silly/cool European-style lounge music (Los Super Elegantes), your Brian Wilson-esque child prodigy (Ryan Marks Productions) and an array of pop, garage, hip-hop, dance-rock and singer-songwriter stuff. Here, in alphabetical order, are the results. Take a listen, and tell us what you think. Don’t be shy.

  • The Airborne Toxic Event – “Wishing Well” [listen]
  • An Pierlé & White Velvet – “How Does It Feel” [listen]
  • Astro Junkie – “Don’t Say Another Word” [listen]
  • Band Marino – “Every Time I Make A Girl Cry I Know I’ve Done My Job” [listen]
  • The Beauty – “Abbi” [listen]
  • Bedtime For Toys – “Mona Lisa Pt. 2″ [listen]
  • bill – “Watercolors” [listen]
  • BLACK AFFAIR – “Japanese Happening” [listen]
  • B.O.S.C.H. – “Mehr” [listen]
  • CosmoBrown – “Illusion” [listen]
  • Couple – “Now That I Can See” [listen]
  • The Fancy Claps – “Holly” [listen]
  • Ferns – “Disaster Strikes Again” [listen]
  • Kolja – “Let It Be – No Fears” [listen]
  • Locksley – “Don’t Make Me Wait” [listen]
  • Los Super Elegantes – “Je Suis Bien” [listen]
  • Miniature Tigers- “The Wolf” [listen]
  • Night Driving in Small Towns – “Close Encounters” [listen]
  • Ryan Marks Productions – “High Tide” [listen]
  • Shannon Hurley – “Sunrise” [listen]
  • State Of Ohio – “Wasted in a Vase” [listen]
  • Ultra Sonic Edukators – “Salle Green” [listen]
  • The Voom Blooms – “Thoughts of Rena” [listen]
  • White Shoes and the Couples Company – “Tentang Cita” [listen]
  • Y.O.U. – “Break” [listen]
  • — Rolling Stone


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